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French Standard Poodles
French Poodles from the Languedoc, South of France

Practical Information

We are situated one and a half hours drive from Toulouse Blagnac International Airport. Most people, even when buying from abroad, come personally to collect their puppies. Delivery is also available. We live in a very beautiful part of the world and people seem to be happy to take the opportunity to visit it.

Puppies are generally ready to leave home from 10 weeks onwards although there is sometimes a precocious puppy ready to leave at nine weeks. Great care and flair is given to matching puppies with owners and we have not yet had a disappointment with the selection process.

Puppies are named within two weeks of their birth with an official kennel name. Future homes are welcome to choose one of the names to correspond with the letter of the year.

All puppies in the litter regardless of gender are the same price.

The sales price includes pedigree registration and inoculation due up to 10 weeks.

Under some circumstances puppies can be kept on for a few extra weeks. Extra board is charged at 10 Euros a day plus expenses such a worming and grooming.

Buying a puppy from abroad

Based in France we are unable to sell puppies to the UK before they have had their rabies Vaccinations and their subsequent resistance to rabies verified. To comply with these vaccination requirements a puppy must be 9 months old. The same requirements apply to Scandinavian countries, Hawaii, Ireland and Australasia.

We are unable to keep puppies until this age without engaging professional trainers and handlers and the costs have so far been prohibitive but we are not against the principle.


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