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French Standard Poodles
French Poodles from the Languedoc, South of France

Buying a Puppy from Us

The majority of our clients are serial standard poodle owners. The standard poodle seems to suit a very particular type of individual and family. Poodles are not dogs happy to be left alone for long periods of time. They are highly alert and affectionate and do not have the independent spirit of a terrier or the ability to sleep through the day without needing interaction. We find that standard poodle owners tend to have forged a life on their own terms that allows them the freedom to spend time with their dogs whether at work home and if working out of the home in a situation where they can juggle with other family members to ensure that the dog is a proper member of the family and not simply remembered when it is time to take it for a pee. Often they organise extra time off for the first few weeks that the puppy is home.

Whilst standard poodles appreciate any amount of walking, puppies should not have endurance or impact exercises in their first year. Given time spent interacting and exercising poodles are calm indoor dogs and can comfortably manage with city life.

Puppies will chew until as old as a year. You will not be able to train a puppy not to chew until he is ready and so you must make sure your puppy is prevented from upsetting you with destructive chewing by giving him acceptable chews. Crates are an excellent way to allowing you to relax when you need to and for the puppy to have a safe den. A crate should not be used as or regarded as a punishment.

If you are not going to be able to keep your dog with you most of the time we recommend having two dogs rather than one. If you are not a very confident dog handler or simply have a lot on it is a good idea to take on the puppies a year or a couple of years apart. Any breed or mixed breed dog will be company however poodles do have an affinity with each other. They also get on very easily with Labrador and retriever types.

Pros and cons of male and female is a personal preference. Male Standard poodles are generally good about not wondering off at the whiff of a female on heat but there are exceptions. Males may cock their legs at inappropriate moments, females need to be sterilised or given a pill during their heat period. Attitudes to sterilisation vary very much between USA and Europe. It is a personal choice and we are happy to advise individual cases.

Poodles are great for their non-moulting coats but they do need regular grooming which can be expensive if you do not do it yourself. Their ears and the webs of their paws can require particular attention.

Most people even when buying from abroad come personally to collect their puppies. We are prepared to deliver to most destinations throughout the world at cost to the purchaser. We have not yet needed to send pups unaccompanied and we are reluctant to do so. We live in a very beautiful part of the world and people seem to be happy to take the opportunity to visit it.

Puppies are generally ready to leave home from 10 weeks onwards although there is sometimes a precocious puppy ready to leave at nine weeks. Great care and flair is given to matching puppies with owners and we have not yet had a disappointment with the selection process.

Puppies are named within two weeks of their birth with an official kennel name. Future homes are welcome to choose one of the names to correspond with the letter of the year.

All puppies in the litter regardless of gender are the same price.

The sales price includes pedigree registration and inoculations due up to 10 weeks.

Under some circumstances puppies can be kept on for a few extra weeks. Extra board is charged at 10 Euros a day plus expenses such a worming and grooming.

Buying a puppy from abroad

Based in France we are unable to sell puppies to the UK before they have had their rabies vaccinations and their subsequent resistance to rabies verified. To comply with these vaccination requirements a puppy must be 9 months old. The same requirements apply to Scandinavian countries, Hawaii, Ireland and Australasia.

We are unable to keep puppies until this age without engaging professional trainers and handlers and the costs have so far prohibitive but we are not against the principle.

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