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French Standard Poodles
French Poodles from the Languedoc, South of France

Import / Export



Import and export of Dogs is generally easy, but with the following caveats.

First, travelling costs can add substantially to the basic cost of the dogs for example for clients in North America.

Our experience is that it generally works out cheaper for someone to deliver puppies in person - the total flight costs for two dogs and a person to accompany then can be significantly less than the cost for two dogs alone. We are happy to work with clients to find the cheapest and least traumatic method of transport.

Second, the UK and Ireland still have utterly preposterous restrictions on the import of animals into the British Isles. The good news is that it is now possible to bring dogs into the British Isles without six months' quarantine, but there are still a series of strict rules including a completely pointless and arbitrary rule that dogs must be at least ten months old.

For the latest and authoritative information on what you need to do, and how to prepare your pet to travel under the Scheme go to the UK Government website:


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