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French Standard Poodles
French Poodles from the Languedoc, South of France

Adopting an adult dog


When the circumstances are right having a small puppy and bringing it up your way is a special and unique experience, but it is not without its challenges and difficulties. When we had puppies available at four months old we were surprised by the prevalent belief that the puppies were past a bonding age. A socialised and healthy dog will adore who ever is its master and protector (often with poodles, extended family and friends too). The old love is quickly forgotten as the young dogs falls hook line and sinker for being the centre of welcome, love and attention.

Mature dogs can be ideal for the elderly, for busy families and inexperienced dog owners. You could also be saving a dog's life. There are organisations in many countries devoted to match making poodles abandoned due to death, illness, hardship or simply a thoughtless purchase, with adoption families. It is a myth that rescue dogs are necessarily traumatised. They are typically grateful and reward you with ready made maturity, eagerness to please and an abandoned glee at being so happy to have found you. Realstandards undertakes to assist our clients with a satisfactory re-homing of our dogs should the need ever arise.

Rescue volunteers often keep the dogs for adoption in their own homes while they assess their health and personalities and then set about match making for a new home. If a dog needs basic training, often the rescuer will provide it along with medical treatment is necessary.

Following are some advantages of adopting an adult dog

Housetraining. Ever tried it? It's a lot of work and patience. As a general rule a puppy can hold his bladder just one hour for every month they've been alive.

Leash training. It seems to me that people who are tugged about by their dogs must in some deep subconscious way like it. It isn't necessary. If you adopt a dog you can choose a tugger or a non-tugger and not have to blame the dog.

House and car destruction. Puppies are driven to gather, chew and destroy with their wandering muzzles and needle teeth. They need to lick, shred, crunch, gnash and jump; you will need to spend every waking moment managing their whims.

There are many thoroughly commendable dog adoption societies out there. Just Google a phrase such as "Poodle Rescue" and your location.

Although less demanding than a puppy all dogs do need play time, commitment and company.

If you have significant experiences with particular adoption agencies we would love to hear from you.




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