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A pedigree is a record of your dog's ancestors - sire (father), dam (mother), grandsire, granddam, great-grandsire and so forth.


Genetic Testing

Genetic testing is done to help breeders avoid passing on genetically transmitted diseases and anomalies. There is no line of living creatures totally free of genetic problems, including humans, but the incidence of problems can be markedly decreased by careful and selective breeding.

The first thing to look for in a pedigree - any pedigree - is the reccurance of the same names.


Guarantees, Contracts

What you should expect in writing from a breeder:

  • Generally a Kennel Club registration slip (UK Crufts, US AKC, Canada CKC). But bear in mind that kennel clubs are largely responsible for the genetic problems in most breeds of dog. Most healthy dogs have no connection with any kennel club
  • At least a three generation pedigree
  • Copies of the test results of genetic screening for health problems of the sire and dam
  • Copies of applicable testing done on the puppy
  • A printed contract including:
    • Health guarantee
    • A timeframe (2 days to a week) to determine if the puppy will fit the buyer's household
    • A time period for the buyer to secure a veterinary check (24 48 hours)
    • A statement of the breeder's refund/return policy
    • Feeding instructions
    • Vaccination and worming schedule - when given and when due - and what products were used

Many breeders provide pictures of the sire and dam, puppy manuals which give housebreaking hints,and training advice and information on health. These are an added bonus but not absolutely necessary. A small quantity of puppy's food-enough to last for several day-is helpful.


Many puppies are shipped safely by air to their new homes. The puppy buyer is responsible for the cost of the airfare and shipping crate. Many breeders may ship the puppy in a "loaner crate" which the buyer must UPS back to the breeder as soon as possible. If the buyer chooses to return the puppy for any reason, the cost of the return airfare is the responsibility of the I buyer.

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