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French Standard Poodles
South of France

Our Poodles

We breed only standard poodles They are bred to be big and healthy, contrary to the objectives of many breeders where a lighter smaller frame has become favoured.

Careful breeding is tempered by gentle and frequent handling and stimulation from ourselves, other dogs and visiting adults and children.

We are prepared to sell our dogs almost anywhere in the world, but only to prospective purchasers who we believe will make good owners.

We do not dock our puppies' tails

We routinely test for

  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy - PRA:
  • Hip Dysplasia - HD
  • von Willebrand's disease - vWD

We are always interested in new blood. We would be interested to hear from owners of large stud dogs, meeting the following requirements:

  • Black, brown or apricot
  • Big, handsome and well put together
  • Excellent temperament
  • No genetic conditions in the genealogy for at least five generatiuons, including
    • addison's disease
    • juvenile renal disease
    • hip dysplasia
    • autoimmune hemolytic anemia
    • chronic active hepatitis
    • neonatal encephalopathy
    • epilepsy
    • polymicrogyria
  • Tests for those gentic contditions that can be tested, currently PRA,HD and vWD
  • No chronic eye, ear or coat problems
  • Good teeth
  • Pedigree available for scrutiny
  • We do not require show results (in many countries the size of poodles we like to produce are ‘too large’ to compete)


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